Along came the girls

From a 1960s minute book found by Mavis Savage. 

At a meeting held at the home of Jill Webb on 10th of May 1968 a group of young ladies proposed forming a Stockbridge F.C Supporters Club.   The idea was adopted.  Jackie Dominy became Vice Chairman, Mavis Savage Hon Sec and Valerie Judd Treasurer. The following became committee members with responsibilities. Jill Webb (Entertainments)  Irene Hill (Refreshments) Carol Fish  (Fund Raising]) The male dominated Football Club gave a luke warm approval of ladies getting involved. Various minutes show the following- The ladies organised Social evenings, Jumble sales, Outings to the seaside, Organised a Christmas draw, Firework Parties and many other fundraising events. The minutes also show they started to provide teas for sale at the home matches. The minutes show for one function a Band called the Haybalers was booked at the cost of £12 pounds. The ladies were asked to wash the football kits, which they did free of charge. After little more than a year a change of heart by the Football committee saw Jill Webb, Jackie Dominy and Mavis Savage elected to the main football club committee and the rest is history.  Below most of the ladies with their families at that time.  (Mavis took the photo)

List of Social Club members at the time.

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