Stockbridge are pleased to confirm that their preseason games have all been sanctioned by the FA. Entry is free and the tea hut will be open for alfresco refreshments. All high frequency contact points will have been cleaned before you attend.
Spectators are welcome but there are some simple rules to be followed.
1- If you or anyone in your household has Covid symptoms please stay at home.
2- When you enter the ground please sanitise your hands and complete the track and trace info sheet with your name and contact number.
3- We have hot water, anti bacterial soap and paper towels in our toilets- please use them.
4- We have plenty of space please use it to keep 2m from others who are not in your bubble. (Groups to be less than 6 in total).
Think that’s about it. Please help us by following the rules and we can have a safe return to watching football.
Document created: 2/07/2020 Version Number: 1 Version Date: 22/07/2020 Next Scheduled Review Date: Upon receipt of new FA or Govt guidance.
Approved by: Glenn CURTIS, Chairman


Assessed by: Greg Willcox Stockbridge FC COVID Officer 
Task: COVID-19 GUIDANCE FOR RE-STARTING OUTDOOR COMPETITIVE GRASSROOTS FOOTBALL This assessment is for all – players, coaches, club official, club welfare officers, match officials, league officials, volunteers, parents and carers and spectators.
Location: The Recreation Ground, Stockbridge. SO22 6EU


Safety Hazard – Areas of risk

List of control methods that must be followed to protect your health and safety.

Mitigating Actions


  1. 1



  • In line with current Government guidance, all participants (players, coaches, club official, club welfare officers, match officials, league officials, volunteers, parents and carers and spectators) should check for symptoms of COVID 19. If an individual is symptomatic and/or living in a household with a possible Covid-19 infection they should remain at home and follow Government guidance. In addition, any participants who have been asked to isolate by NHS Test and Trace because they are a contact of a known Covid-19 case, must not attend the ground to train, play or spectate.

  • No one should leave home to participate in football if they, or anyone they live with, has any of the following:

  1. A high temperature (above 37.8ºC)

  2. A new continuous cough

  3. A loss of, or change to, their sense of smell or taste.



Spread of COVID-19

  1. 2


Spread of COVID-19

Changing rooms and showers

  • Home and Away dressing rooms will available for use – managers to stagger the use by players to reduce numbers inside at any one time.

  • Match day officials changing rooms will be available for use.

  • Kit will be laid out for each player – and treated as person issue for the game.

  • At the end of the game/session players will place all kit in bags provided and laundered ASAP.

  • Hand washing is required immediately after the handling of kit.

  • If showers are used then personal towels and toiletries will be used and retained by the individual player.

  • Taking steps to ensure that all water systems, for example showers and sinks, are safe to use after a prolonged facility shutdown to minimise the risk of legionella and other diseases associated with water.

Social distancing must be observed.

The wearing of face coverings will be encouraged inside the buildings.

Sanitiser made available in dressing rooms.

Dressing rooms, toilets and showers will be cleaned before and after each game.

Social distancing not being adhered to.

Using other persons towels etc

Hand sanitiser gel in short supply

  1. 3


Spread of COVID-19


  • Provide hand sanitisers in the clubhouse.

  • Clearly direct people to where they can wash their hands.

  • Ensure that all handwashing stations are in good working order and provide soap, hot water and hand sanitiser.

  • Provide hygiene standards promotional poster and signage throughout the clubhouse.

  • Use disposable paper towels in handwashing facilities.

  • Clubhouse and toilets to be cleaned before and after each use.

  • Door handles, tables and seating to be cleaned before during and after use..

  • Frequent cleaning of work areas and equipment between use.

  • Follow Public Health England guidance if a COVID-19 case is reported at the facility.

Ensure sanitiser, soap and paper towels are in sufficient supply.

Ensure best practice notices are in place before facility is opened for use.

Ensure all those working at the club are aware of the guidance and best practice and hygene protocols.

Weekly stock check (cleaning products).

Empty waste facilities regularly.

Hand sanitiser gel in short supply

Paper towels in short supply

  1. 4


Travel to training and matches

  • Encourage users of the facility to follow current Govt guidance on transport and travel.

  • When lift sharing is required encourage face coverings to be worn, and the vehilce to be kept well ventilated.

  • Ask the driver and all passengers to wear a face covering;

  • Encourage hand washing and santizing uopon arrival at the facility.


Face masks if required

Sharing of transport with the same people may not be realistic

  1. 5


Administering First Aid

  • Injuries during play should will be treated as previuosly but with the addition of the following principles all of which aim to reduce social distancing guidelines being compromised:

  • Injured player to self administer treatment.

  • First Aider to wear gloves and mask.

  • If additional people are require to move a player the contact and the time in contact to be minimised and mitigated with PPE is appropriate and with the ability to sanitise and wash hands immdiately after the contact.


  • All first aiders have received at least FA Emergency First Aid training.

  • Face masks, Disposable gloves, sanitiseer

PPE availability

  1. 6


COVID-19 Matches and training changes

Pre-match handshake should not happen. Instead players will be asked to hand-sanitise before kick-off; • Team talk huddles should not take place. Team talks can take place, as long as socialdistancing is observed and held outdoors where possible;

Warm-ups/cool-downs should always observe social distancing;

Current dugouts will be used but additional seating will be provide to allow SD conditions to be met.

Set plays – free kicks: referees and coaches should encourage players to get on with the game and not unnecessarily prolong set play set-up, such as defensive walls;

Set plays – corners should also be taken promptly to limit prolonged close marking and goal posts should be wiped down before and after matches.

Goal celebrations should be avoided;

Interactions with referees and match assistants should only happen with players observing social distancing;


Disposable Gloves

Face masks

All teams need to strictly follow these guidelines

  1. 7


Social distancing during breaks (half-time) and after the game.

All participants should remain socially distanced during breaks in play. Players and officials should also observe social distancing during sin-bin instances. Water bottles or other refreshment containers should in no circumstances be shared. Participants are advised to bring their own drinks or refreshments, in a named container. After the game the above guidance re changing rooms and all SD guidance should be followed.

Referees to be paid by in a cashless manner.

The club has the means to accept contactless payments from teams or individual.

Clubhouse posters and signs displayed.

Clubhouse posters and signs must be observed, all staff, committee members etc. must advise visitors to the club of these instructions.

  1. 8


Use of equipment

The sharing of equipment must be avoided where possible. Where equipment is shared, equipment must be cleaned before and after use.

All players must be made aware.

Nominate people to carry out actions required.

  1. 9


Ball transfer

The nature of football means that the ball is not frequently handled. When the ball goes out of play it should not be retrieved by non-participants and should be retrieved using the feet rather than the hands where possible. If opportunities arise where there are breaks in the game the match ball will be disinfected.

All players must be made aware.

Nominate people to carry out actions required.



Shouting adds an additional risk of infection in close proximity situations, particularly indoors. If possible, players should therefore avoid shouting or raising their voices when facing each other during, before and after games.

Need to make supporters aware of these issues. Produce leaflet warning of possible dangers. Signage. No loud music in changing rooms or clubhouse. Outdoor areas to be maximised for seating.



Everyone should refrain from spitting.

Need to make all users aware of these issues. Produce leaflet or signage warning of possible dangers.



Supporters, parents, and other spectators should remain socially distanced whilst attending events. Spectator groups must be restricted to discrete six-person gathering limits and spread out, in line with wider Government guidance, ensuring space for officials, coaches and substitutes

Need to make everyone aware of these issues. Signage or leaflet warning of possible dangers.

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