The Robins nest

We are delighted to announce that we have a new arrival to the Robin’s nest. Rory Hunter-Brown and his partner Erin are the proud parents to  baby Lillie-Rose.  Hopefully we will soon have a photo to share with you.

With more  baby Robin’s arriving we have decided to have a baby Robin’s page.We would love to hear about new arrivals to our footballing family and their progress. Any photo’s would be great. email

Magnus has turn into Lovely lad now


magnus 3

So great to see baby Magnus looking so great at his first match will his mum to support dad Phil. Magnus had a very tough start to life. 

IMG_0276 (2)

Baby Robin Magnus  helps dad at our Fete.



Phil Maddock update

After 2 weeks paternity leave I’m now reluctantly back at work, Magnus has come on leaps and bounds and I believe this is mainly down to the lads fantastic league form. He’s getting stronger, bigger and noisier every day we have more baby check ups and hospital appointments but hopefully we will be off the medication and oxygen in the near future. Good luck for the next couple of weeks and hopefully I will return for the back end of the season to help in anyway I can.



I hope you had a great Christmas and new year and thank you for the message on the website. sorry it’s been a while since I messaged, it’s all been a bit of a mad couple of months. So since we last spoke Magnus has been in neonatal at Southampton hospital over xmas, he’s had an infection, a blood transfusion, put on oxygen, put on more medication then I can shake a stick at and diagnosed with chronic lung disease, which means he has a dependency on oxygen and will hopefully grow out of it. But today we’ve got to bring him home (although he still on oxygen that we manage at home and medication for the next 6-12 months) we are so happy and thought this day would never come. Thank you to everyone connected to the club for your messages of support.








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